What if I told you, 
that the really shitty thing you're going through,
is actually a huge opportunity.

Would you believe me?


                             hi, i'm kristin,


            the breakup* coach. 

                                         i'm here to help.                                    

*breakup - the release of something that's no longer working for you


I have been where you are. Amidst the breakup of relationships, jobs, apartments, habits, past versions of myself and I get it - it completely sucks. But I wouldn't take a single one of those experiences back.

This is what I can promise you:

Every breakup creates an opening for expansion and growth. It's possible for you to capture this opportunity, learn something and even find joy in the process.

You can do it on your own, but why should you?


A Love Note

"I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with Kristin. We crossed paths organically and the timing couldn't have been better! With her support I was able to navigate a horrible breakup (twice...), massive layoffs at my company, and an endless stream of major health issues with more confidence, grace and clarity than I ever would have imagined possible. Even though we live on opposite coasts I felt like I had an amazing, inspiring friend right there with me the whole time and I learned so much about myself in the process. Her kindness, compassion and gift for coaching was palpable in every conversation we had and I'm so glad she's sharing her talents with the world. We could all use someone like Kristin in our corner." - Randi M.