Breaking Up Needs A Make Over

It's funny. My self ten years ago would have looked at myself writing this now and thought "What is this girl talking about - isn't the goal to stay together? To find things that are so great, you never want to let them go?"

To some extent yes. You will find things so brilliant in this lifetime, you will want them to be and remain a part of you. And that is a beautiful thing (don't get me wrong). But there is only one constant on this earth, and that constant is change. People change, circumstances change, climates change, stories change, ideas change, thoughts change, and most of all, you change. 

And you Should! Change is a remarkably beautiful thing. We have to change as people otherwise what would be? Infants? 

That said - it's funny that something so common, so inevitable, so deeply a part of our being can illicit this remarkable sense of fear. Because it is the duty of our minds and our bodies to keep us safe so that we can live. And what is on the other side of change? The unknown. And what lies in the unknown? What have no idea, that's why it's called the unknown and why our bodies and minds tell us "We don't know what's there, so don't do it!". Hence, the fear. 

Now what does change have to do with breaking up and why does breaking up need a make over? 

In order to come into any type of profound change, the type of change that challenges you to move forward into a more aligned you, something has to be released. Just like a snake sheds it skin or a caterpillar says goodbye to it's voluptuous leaf eating self, you have to be willing to let go of the thing that has kept you safe in order to transform into your next iteration. 

Change --> Growth --> Transformation

Breaking up needs a make over because breaking up is a beautiful opportunity. It is an opportunity to move forward, to explore purpose, to find alignment, to welcome in new teachers, to experience profound experiences, to meet the people we want to meet, to transform. Breaking up needs a make over because breaking up is a part of life that isn't scary or bad, it's completely natural. And we should embrace it. 

This process is not for the faint of heart, which is why many people don't do it. Many people go to extreme lengths to avoid breaking up by remaining in a constant that is less than average or worse. But if you're here now, if you're reading these words, if you feel the slightest tinge of inspiration or anxiety, it means you're ready to go there. And I'm ready to you help you through it. 

Breakup to breakthrough.