New Year Or Not, Take Care Of You ( + Method To Do So)

Last year, my acupuncturist / teacher said something interesting during one of our trainings as it relates to the wellbeing of us humans as a whole. I think about it often. She said something along the lines of:

Most of the people that come to see me, are trying to work their way out of a deficit back to zero. I want to help people go beyond.

What she meant by this is that her patients and students come to her so that they simply feel OK again. Everyone is recovering from a dis-comfort or dis-ease, be it physical or emotional. Isn’t it interesting that in society, operating in a deficit is more of that norm than operating above average?

Imagine if breaking even was our low, and we took care of ourselves to feel above average. What would that be like?

Now is a good moment to point out that I’m not an idealist. It’s human nature to fluctuate and experience moments in the deficit and moments above average. That is a key component of the dualistic world that we live in. But I bring this up because medical statistics, the power of big pharma, and the number of health documentaries out there are proof that most people aren’t well. And being well has become something overly complicated. Drug commercials actually boggle my mind. Hence, why I don’t have TV. (And… I don’t like the aesthetic of TV’s.)

Point of me saying all of this is that I have a practice I’d like for you to test to keep your self functioning at or above average this year. It’s called The Daily MBS Method.


The Daily MBS method is very simple and if executed daily, extremely powerful. You ready for the big reveal?

Instead of making a resolution to hit the gym 4x a week, or cut out sugar, or meditation for 5 minutes every morning - make a contract with yourself to do 1 thing each day to care for your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Just one thing. Super simple. The brevity of the thing can vary depending on how you’re feeing that day. Making this method is fool proof and achievable whilst traveling or even sick.

M = Mind

Suggested daily practice(s) to center your Mind:

  • Take 7 deep breaths in and out with eyes closed (about 1 minute’s rest)

  • Free write all of your rambling thoughts onto a blank page

  • Tell someone you love them

  • Meditate

  • Listen to music without words

  • Go to bed early

  • Take a break from social media

B = Body

Suggested daily practices to care for your body

  • Drink extra water

  • Walk to work

  • Stretch in the morning or after work

  • Dry brush before you get in the shower

  • Before you get out of the shower flip the water to cold

  • Eat vegetables

  • Run / Dance / Cycle / Yoga

  • Get a foot massage (totally counts)

S = Spirit

First - let’s talk about what your ‘spirit’ is. I can feel some of you read the word ‘spirit' and get cringy or want to tap out of this article entirely. Instead of thinking of spirit as something cheesy or un-real, think about it as your ‘you-ness’. Spirit is another way of saying the essence of what makes you, you.

Now pause and think about how you would describe your spirit. What makes you different than every other person you know?

If you’re having a hard time with this question (no shame in that) then that is your spirit exercise. Do one thing everyday that makes you feel like yourself. This could be through a creative project, through reading or reflection, through activity or conversation, there is no limitation here.

Prioritizing time to connect to who you are at your core everyday can change your life.

New year or not, everyday is an opportunity to elevate your personal well being from the deficit or normal to above and beyond. Imagine if you spent more days in the green zone than in the red. Who would you be? What would that enable you to do?

Best of luck with The Daily MBS Method. I hope it works it’s magic.